Why are your tutoring rates slightly higher than some others?


By having fewer tutees I can offer them a better service and get to know them. This is vital in my opinion as motivation is key. Also getting to know them means I can look after their mental health whilst pushing them really hard to achieve.

Another answer is supply and demand; i'm usually fully booked through repeat business from the same families. With over 20 years of A-Level Chemistry teaching experience and a proven track record, I offer a comprehensive tutoring package. This includes personalised resources, assistance between sessions, and access to modified exam papers.

My tutees consistently achieve outstanding results, often becoming top of their class or even year. I ensure that each student receives the attention and expertise they deserve. Most students report that my strategies benefit all their subjects, not just chemistry. You won't have to commit long term or pay anything up front for lessons you have not yet had.

What is the return on investment (ROI) when I opt for your tutoring services?

Answer: Investing in high-quality tutoring can have profound long-term benefits. Securing a strong grade in A-Level Chemistry can open doors to prestigious university programmes, particularly in fields like medicine or dentistry. Over a lifetime, the potential earnings difference between someone in a medical or dental profession compared to many other fields can be substantial. Beyond financial gains, there's the satisfaction of achieving one's dream career, the respect associated with these professions, and the positive impact one can make in many lives. In this light, the ROI from expert tutoring extends far beyond immediate academic benefits; it's an investment in your future.

Do you set homework?

Answer: Yes, I do. Unless your school or college is already providing ample high-quality chemistry homework...which is rare. I'll ensure you're on the right track with additional work. Most of this will be focused on exam questions, including many that your school teachers might not have encountered. This tailored approach ensures you're consistently challenged and prepared for any and all questions come exam time. Most of my tutees find immense value in this supplementary material and feel it gives them an edge in their studies. Part of the weekly tutoring session can be exploring the questions from this homework that you found hardest.

You should try my hourly pay for homework calculator:

I'm struggling significantly with Chemistry. Can I still benefit from your tutoring?

Answer: Absolutely. Many of my previous tutees have seen their Chemistry grades improve significantly under my guidance. It's not uncommon for students to jump from a D grade in year 12 mocks to an A grade in the actual final exams. However, the most significant improvements often result from the consistent work I guide students through each week; a commitment to working between sessions is essential.

How have your past students performed in their exams?

Answer: In the tutoring season of 2023, all my year 13 students achieved the highest grade. Historically, most of my tutees have seen significant improvements in their Chemistry grades. In my day job, my results have consistently been outstanding.

Why do you only tutor A-Level Chemistry and not other subjects or levels?

Answer: I believe in being a master in one domain rather than a jack of all trades. Focusing solely on A-Level Chemistry allows me to provide the highest level of expertise, attention, and tailored resources to my students. I have tutored other courses like Chemistry Pre-U, AEA, and IB in the past, but I currently choose to focus on A-Level Chemistry.

I'm not based in the UK. Can I still receive tutoring?

Answer: Yes, I offer support for the Oxford International AQA Chemistry A-level course for students outside the UK. With online tutoring capabilities, I can assist students from various locations.

What availability do you have?

Answer: For my current availability, please refer to this link. If none of those times suit you, I'd still encourage you to get in touch. Some of my tutees, especially those resitting their A-levels, have expressed flexibility with their slots and might be open to adjusting their time or day to accommodate new students. It's always worth discussing to find a solution that works for everyone.

What if I need help outside of our scheduled tutoring sessions?

Answer: I provide support between sessions, ensuring that my students have the assistance they need whenever they need it. Additionally, I offer a shared drive with personalised resources, pre-recorded lessons, and more to aid in your studies.

Do you only tutor students studying AQA and OCR syllabuses?

Answer: While I specialise in the AQA and OCR syllabuses, I also offer tutoring for the Oxford International AQA Chemistry A-level course. My focus is on excelling in a select few syllabuses and developing top-tier resources specifically for OCR-A and AQA.

I'm worried about online tutoring. How effective is it compared to face-to-face sessions?

Answer: Online tutoring has proven to be just as effective, if not more so, than traditional face-to-face sessions for many students. I'm fully equipped to provide online sessions, ensuring that each student receives the same quality of education and attention as they would in person. Until 2023, I believed face-to-face sessions were superior, but with my updated setup, I now consider both methods equally effective.

Can you assist with university applications?

Answer: I can offer assistance with UCAS applications, entrance exams, study skills, exam techniques, and more. Many of my past students have gone on to Medical or Dental schools and other prestigious courses. Many parents appreciate how I elevate students' aspirations and subsequently guide them in meeting their university offers.

Are there any hidden fees or costs in addition to the tutoring rates?

Answer: My rates are transparent and encompass all the resources, support, and expertise I provide. There are no hidden fees. While it's a premium service, I ensure you receive exceptional value for your investment.

How can I contact you for tutoring?

Answer: If you're nearly ready to boost your grades and delve deeper into A-Level Chemistry, you can get in touch with me via WhatsApp or Messenger

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