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Hi, I am Dr Torben Smith, an experienced Chemistry tutor and teacher with a proven track record of student success. For about two decades, I have been the Head of Faculty and Course Leader for one of the top A-level Chemistry departments in the UK, along with private tutoring for a few successful families.

In 2023, I switched to dedicating the bulk of my time to providing top-quality one-to-one tutoring and supporting students between sessions. Additionally, I continue teaching two full A-level classes at the same sixth form college to stay updated with the latest insights and resources.

Offering a premium service means I can have fewer tutees, who in turn receive a much better service. I get to know them well, understand what motivates them, and support their mental health while pushing them to excel. My students say they enjoy my lessons and learn much more than in their regular school classes.

Master A-Level Chemistry - with the best tutoring you can buy

  1. Customised Topic Folders: Each comes with a folder packed full of exam questions from various exam boards, tailored for your syllabus. The best way to master each topic.

  2. Personal Tutoring Sessions: Engage in an hour of one-to-one tutoring each week with Torben, sometimes a bit longer. The quality of this tutoring and the fact my students enjoy it is probably why I'm fully booked for most of the year.

  3. Rapid Support between Sessions: Whenever you're stuck, I’m just a text message away. Quick, effective guidance to keep you moving forward.

  4. Study Skills Beyond Chemistry: Learn strategies and techniques that not only boost your Chemistry grades but also enhance your performance across all exam-based subjects.

"I was tutored by Torben back in 2018 when I was preparing for my A levels to enter into medical school. At the time I was not particularly good at the subject and I lacked the much-needed confidence in order to improve. Torben was able to break down each subject into easily understandable chunks and also encouraged me greatly throughout my time with him which allowed me to eventually gain the knowledge and confidence to push me into being able to pass into medical school. Now as a Junior doctor working in the NHS, looking back to my time preparing for A levels Its hard to see how I even would have had hopes of getting into medical school without Torbens help. I would recommend him above all else if you too are in a situation that I was in a few years ago" Dr Brett Lee

Junior doctor
Junior doctor

How much is A-level Chemistry Tutoring?

One-to-one online tutoring package from £80/week - you'll reap rewards for the rest of your life


In person tutoring


One hour of weekly tutoring comes as part of the full package of help from just £80 / week


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