Experience Seamless Online Chemistry Tutoring

My Setup

I utilise a setup featuring multiple monitors, a high-spec Wacom drawing tablet, ultra-fast broadband, and quality audio-visual equipment. With my camera always on, the online tutoring experience mimics the essence of in-person sessions, making it feel like we're sitting down next to each other.

Our Virtual Classroom

Our sessions kick off with a video call via the premium version of Google Meet, which offers noise reduction and the option to record our sessions if needed. We'll share a Limnu online whiteboard, allowing us both to write and interact as we discuss various topics. It's a dynamic, real-time learning environment where we can easily work on exam papers or other materials together. I can also seamlessly introduce additional resources as needed during the lesson. Our goal is to make the most of each hour, and sometimes, if my schedule permits, we might extend the session a bit at no extra cost to ensure we cover the necessary ground.

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Torben Chemistry tutor
Torben Chemistry tutor

Preparing for Your Online Tutoring Session

To ensure a smooth online tutoring experience, here's what you'll need:

  • Robust Broadband Connection: If you experience connectivity issues, consider sitting closer to the router or using an ethernet connection.

  • Digital Writing Tool: An iPad or a similar device with a stylus works well. Alternatively, a Wacom (or other brand) drawing tablet with a stylus is a great choice. I recommend the Wacom One (see my Amazon Affiliate Link) as it allows you to see what you're writing.

  • Second Screen: While not essential, a second screen can enhance your online tutoring experience.

  • Class Essentials: Have your calculator, paper, pen, and a periodic table at hand, just as you would in a physical classroom.

Tailoring Your Experience

At the conclusion of our first lesson, I'll check in with you to see how you found the experience. We can then tweak our setup or approach to suit your preferences moving forward, ensuring that the online tutoring journey is as effective and comfortable for you as possible.

Ready to Begin?

Getting your Chemistry on the path to success is just a click away. Reach out to schedule your first session and take a step towards mastering Chemistry.

online chemistry tutoring
online chemistry tutoring
online chemistry tutoring
online chemistry tutoring

I don't post photos of real students and my AI can't do correct chemical structures yet!